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i am what i hate.
05 Jun 2005|05:15pm
mood| irritated
so here's the thing. i've grown ridiculously exhausted of the following things:

- people who all look the same
- pretentious music tastes for status in some invisible club called the "scene"
- pseudo photographers
- girls who are more occupied with what music boys like and what those boys wear than what they have to say.
- shitty hardcore bands
- shitty dance bands
- fake myspace friends
- myspace/aim/lj being my main means of communication
- girls who lead guys on to make themselves feel loved
- guns and bandanas and girls jeans and x's and black shirts
- kids with no heart/creativity/motivation/unique ideas
- the people who fall in love with the kids mentioned above
- kids who claim to hate the scene but are everything that the scene has become.
- attention whores and name droppers
- pseudo graphic designers
- shitty ideals that kids will grow out of within a year
- jumping on trends that are just as bad and temporary as any trend you'll find on mtv
- fashion
- people who seem to have forgotten where they came from and how they got into this culture, so they demean anyone who came from the same place.
- hipsters
- hypocrisy
- the internet
- being rejected by girls who claim i'm so amazing, but would rather have the above things.
- obsessions with the 80's from people who were 3 during them.
- people who use every single aspect of their life to make their status in this scene better.
- but most of all, i hate that i've somehow got caught in this viscous web, myself.

we all laugh at what we already were.

thank you so much to everyone who ever took the time out to read this journal and make a comment or for even thinking about commenting. to think that people actually care about reading about my life is amazing.

if i love you, you'll know where to find me.

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24 Sep 2003|12:03am
friends only.

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